You should be crazy! My crazy love! ;-)

I was thinking recently about some things which I am looking for when I am looking for my soulmate. And I realized one more thing… you have to be crazy!

I mean there are several kinds of crazy. I mean not bad crazy. I mean good crazy… or unnormal or however you like to call it. How I mean that?

Hmm… hard to explain. Let me try.

You have tattoos? Great! I love tattoos. But in relation. Wouldn’t like a girl which have also tattoos in the face or all over the rest of the body. A tattoo should decorate the body… but if you can’t see the body anymore… not good 😉
I like piercings as well. 😉
I had 2 piercings (underlip and eye brow)… but one was growing out and the other one I had to remove because of medical problems. Now I’ve changed to tattoos 🙂

What else… crazy like “Come on, lets go and milk a cow!”… doing crazy things. Or “Lets take a map, point with the finger on a random spot and go there.” … and not just talking… realling doing.

Or going swimming in the middle of the night, nacked, in the sea.

If you are crazy and against the “normal” things… then you are on a good way to be my soulmate 😉
Ahh…. and don’t be shy. Write me. I like self-confident women! 😉

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