You are my love

You are my love … aren’t you?

How do we know who is our love and who not? Love is a feeling. You can’t calculate love! You need to feel it.

I realized that often. Everybody see every day people on the street and sometimes we see someone where we think “Wou… what a good looking girl/guy!”. And maybe we get contact with her/him… and maybe he/she has a good job, lot of money, is intelligent and looks exactly like we prefer. And anyway we don’t feel it. We don’t feel well, we don’t feel it is right, we don’t feel this special feeling in the tummy.

And then we meet someone else – maybe by accident – and without any thinking about relationship or something. Just we meet someone, become friends. Not more, because he/she is not our “type”. And then, one day, we realize that we feel very very well with this person and our tummy become more and more crazy… as more often we meet this person and talk to the person. We fall in love… with someone we didn’t expected.

So, one again. There is no scheme. Lets meet and see. 😉

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