X-Mas time – The “celebration of love” – Das Fest der Liebe


soon is Christmas time. In Germany they call it “Das Fest der Liebe” … like “the celebration of Love”. It is the time when the whole family meets and you visit – or at least think – on all beloved people. It was always a special date in the year. Especially also from this point of view. Love.

As more pity is it when you are alone on Christmas. Especially in meaning of “being single”. X-Mas time is also mostly a very cold time. Couples spend more time together and are more close… to warm each other up… in front of the fireplace or under the sheet 🙂

I am totally alone this year. I can’t afford to fly home to my family and my friends at home. Most of my friends here are in holiday over Christmas. And I am single. Nobody for the fireplace or to warm up under the bed-sheet.
I will not cry… just mention it… and maybe there is some Christmas angel out there who is also alone on Christmas… and don’t want to be that 😉 You don’t need to be alone out there in the big world… here is someone who would be happy to have a nice Christmas Angel… and I found out recently that I am good in cooking Glühwein (warm/hot wine with some spices and fruits… very yummy and is warming up like hell ! 😉 ).

I don’t know if I have time to write before X-Mas. That’s why I will say already:

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Celebrate it with your family, your friends and your love (if you have one)! You never know what comes next… so enjoy it! And of course I wish you as well a hard-working Santa… that you will receive a lot of gifts 😉 IF you was a good girl 😀

Where is my Christmas Angel?

PS: I will think as well on all the people which can’t be with their family and friends this year, because they are somewhere out there in the world. I wish you all the best and anyway a great X-Mas time. You are not alone! 😉

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