Where is my love at Twitter

Today I was working again on the blog. It is hard to find the time at the moment. I work like a donkey. From morning till night 🙁 But today I found some times for the blog here. 🙂

One thing which I added was Twitter. For that I had to sign up at Twitter (of course) and I added the follow button. Then I was thinking it would help maybe to follow some single woman profiles. So I was searching for “single woman”… and what I found was not was I was looking for 😮 Lots of community webpages, woman which want my money for naked pictures (not that I am against naked pictures… yes, I am also just a human 😛 ) and other profiles which doesn’t fit with my search. I tried some other search terms… but all time the same.

So I decided to follow some of them and hope that the right women will find the way to my blog and click up there on “follow”. I mean not just woman which are coming from Twitter can follow me. If you came from somewhere else and you have a Twitter account, then follow me please 🙂 Help me to spread my word… if you are not my soul mate 😉

What else do I have done today? I’ve changed the theme of my blog and changed it a bit. Hope you like it 😉
Then I started to write recently the “About me” page… which is really not easy. The best is if you ask me direct questions. That is easier to answer on questions.
And I add finally the gallery with some pictures. Now you can see more from me as just the header pictures.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow I will write another article about “Religion” and what I think about it.

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