My love and the religion question


I was mentioned it in the last post already… today I would like to say a few words about religion. I don’t know how you think about it, but it is a think which should be mentioned.

Some people say “I want only a partner which has the same religion as I have.” and other people don’t care. I can count myself to the second. I don’t care which religion my partner have. The important thing is how she behave with it.

I am atheist. That doesn’t mean that I believe in nothing, like many people think. I have just the freedom to choose what I would like to believe in. And it means as well that I am able (by my personality as well) to respect all other religions and what people believe in. I don’t say that you can’t do this when you have a religion. But I think it is more hard then to accept another believing.

Anyway. It is not important if you are Atheist as well or Christian or Buddhist or whatever. I can respect and accept that. As long as you are a fanatic believer (means that you are still well able to use your own head) and you respect and accept my believing. Maybe I will learn some things from your believing, if I want to learn that.

In general is my believing that we should find out our own way. By using our own brain, by learning from our own life and own experience. I can’t believe in something which you can’t see, which nobody ever saw. But I can believe and learn from things which I saw, felt and touched in my life.

Sure I believe as well in things which I never saw. But then I had experience in an other way with it. For example guardian angels, when I had my accident. But most of the time I am realistic and believe what I see. What I think what is right and what is wrong. Maybe it is right, maybe I am wrong in some cases. But then it was my own decision. Not the one from someone or something else.

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