I’ve met a girl… my conclusion

Hi again,

today I am in writing mood 🙂 Ok, just a lot to write about.

I’ve met a girl… yeah… huuu… and I am still single 😮 Why? What happen? I tell you.

Here is almost always the first question “Where are you from?”. Cause the people here are from everywhere. That is a normal question here and nothing bad. And I am curious about people from other countries 🙂

Anyway. She is from Georgia. But also other blood in the family. She lived quite long time in Russia before she came here. Ok, nice… lets see what happen.
So we met and it was nice. She felt good and we was fine with each other. I liked her a lot.

Friday she was out with friends and had a party with them. I was working and was going late to bed. Approx. 3 o’clock in the morning. Was ready to fall asleep when my phone was ringing. It was she. She asked what I am doing and if I would like that she comes around. Sure I wanted 🙂 Wanted to see her of course. She said 15 minutes. … One hour later she was there. I’ve opened the door and she couldn’t even walk normally. I had to support her that she was not falling up the stairs. In that condition she drove with the car to me! (I didn’t hear that on the phone 🙁 )

She was not really talking things which make sense. But one I remember well, because it was hurting me a lot. I need to say that she earns good money, I am just “normal”. And one thing she said was like “That is not the 800 Euro clock, this one worse just 100 Euro. And my wallet is empty, just cards in there”… after that I was a bit shocked and speechless! … Why does she come if she think that I will steal her clock and the money out of her wallet!?

Few days later we was talking on Skype and she mentioned that the evening was great and she would like to repeat that. I couldn’t hold myself and mentioned for my part “But I hope not drunk again.” and I mentioned also the “little” trust problem from both sides (which I have as well, to be honest, but in another case)… that was to much for her and she called me “still a kid”. I said nothing anymore… just to let this last statement as a last statement.

I mean it was our 4th meeting. She was totally pissed (so much that she couldn’t remember anything next day) and was driving like that. She trust me so much that she is afraid I could steal her valuable watch and money…!!! Hello!?
But that was not really all. She is married with her job and mentioned several times like “You can’t trust men. Never and non of them”… also not very nice to hear… I mean I am included then in this “non of them”…
And on the other hand I also didn’t had trust to her. After that night more less.

So, no dates anymore with this girl. It is better I believe 😮

The sad thing on that story is… I always met girls like that. 🙁 Seems like I have a internal magnet for that type of girls 🙁
Who can rescue me and show me that there are still good girls out there? There are still good girls out there… isn’t it?!?!!?

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