Am I inspiring with my blog?


I’ve received today an email from Sana. Sana wrote me:

hope u r doing fine n i may not b the first one to tell u that some how u inspired me that love doesn’t happen just like that , one has to look around or atleast try. So thank you for giving me a jolt and a kind of revolt.
All the Best.

First of all, thank you Sana for your nice email.You are the first one who is telling me this…

When I was reading this email I was asking myself if I am inspiring for people. And I ask myself in the same breath… do people need inspiring for this kind of love? I mean love is not something. We don’t love just like that… someone…

I know, there are a lot of people which are lonely and they meet someone and telling themself “Ahh, come on. I am lonely now… lets take this one. Even I don’t like him/her”. And then they stay until the end of their life with this “someone”. Because first it feels good and after a while they get in used to this person and finally they are afraid to be alone again and maybe nobody else want them… and so they spend their life with a person which they maybe like, but not love.

For me is it not acceptable. I want to spend my life with a woman which I really love. I want to be happy with this person, every day. And I mean really happy… not just “Oh yes, was a nice day. Everything like always. I kissed my partner in the morning… good love!”. Come on.
It is hard to describe that what I want to say. I guess the best description for that is:

Imagine an really old couple. They sitting both in the park on a park bench. The sun is shining, the birds tweeting. He is holding her hand, the other hand on her shoulder. They are close together, shoulder on shoulder. Both watching the dugs on the lake, talking about god and the world… and from time to time he is looking deep in her eyes and give her a kiss.

That is exactly what I mean. Together, not coexistent!

The problem on that story… it is fucking hard to find this person. It is not really that there are soo many factors. It is just that the society is changing and spliting the people in more and more groups. Everybody get other point of views, other needs… It is getting harder and harder to find a partner which has (basicly) the same points of views.

Thats why I am looking here with this webpage for my soulmate, my love. I hope I can reach a lot of people and I hope my soulmate will recognize that she is my mate.
I hope as well that I can give more people a bit inspiration, that they maybe looking more for the right partner. Not just “someone” who feels good! 😉
(Now I sound like a priest 😀 )

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