What I like

Here some things which I like. It is hard to remember everything at the moment. So I guess that will be the most important. 🙂

  • I love diving. As well as snorkling and swimming.
  • I love photographing (as photographer as well as model).
  • I like a good picture.
  • I like sunsets.
  • I like long sleeping. Thats why I never see sunrise 🙂
  • I like the nature. Exploring new areas, seeing new things.
  • I like traveling. Long term and with backpack. Not a normal tourist trip.
  • I like when the warm/hot sand warms me up after a long swimming.
  • I like my job. Because I can do it whereever I am. I need just internet connection.
  • I like warm weather and the sun.
  • I like a nice beach.
  • I like good visibility (above and under water).
  • I like to meet my friends.
  • I like to explore and enjoy new things. Doesn’t matter what. As long as I don’t say in my mind that I am 100% against… I will try it.
  • I like good, honest and open conversations.
  • I like the real life, even it doesn’t look like 😉

And now read what I don’t like.