I need your help to spread my word


I need your help.

I checked my visitor statistics for my webpage and saw that not many people visit my webpage. Just a few was looking on it here. 🙁 And who knows how many single woman was in that few visitors…

I would like to ask you to support me and this webpage. Maybe you have a webpage as well, then it would be great if you could add a link from your page to my page or maybe you would have time to write a few words about me and my search.
Or maybe you are in a forum and you have a bit space in your signature. Would be nice if you could add a link and a few words there.

And please don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook and the Google+-Button is also there 🙂

Any kind of support and leading (single woman) visitors to my webpage would be really nice and I would be really thankful for that!

I give my best as well of course to lead woman here. But I have not much experience in this things and to be honest also not 24 hours per day to spread my word in the internet. I am only one person and my possibilities are limited. 🙁 So, please help me to make this webpage a bit more successful and hopefully my soul mate will find me soon :)) It is soon Christmas…

Or if you have any other idea how to promote my searching… tell me. I am open for everything (which not mean that I do everything 😛 ).

Hope for your support.