I am still alive, i am still single…


I wasn’t writing here for ages. I was very busy in the last time and actually I lost a bit the sense of this webpage. The page is now over 1 year online… I can count the emails I got on 2 hands. 🙁 So, there is not much feedback. Don’t know why. Maybe I didn’t advertise it enough… or I am not interesting enough. … Don’t know.

The email I got was very different. Some women wrote just “hey cool that you are doing it”… but no reply after my answer. One wrote very nice that she like me and so, but also no reply after my answer.
With one I wrote in the first 2 days a lot of emails and we understood really really good. And she is living in UK, so more or less close. … But after that 2 days there was one answer per week, then 2 weeks, then some when … and now I didn’t heard for almost 2 month nothing from her anymore. I’ve tried to contact her several times… but without answer … why writing more and more? Maybe it is just a “polite way” to say “fuck off”. And it looked really good. We had a lot things in common and I liked the way she is. But what can I do. I can’t to force anybody… even sometimes I wish I could 🙂

So, I am still single and somehow I still hope that here comes a lady around which thinks “Wou, sounds nice… lets find out more about this guy” and is really interested to have a relationship. I mean I had in this year also dates in real. But it seems like it is a strange world (or should I say strange people) at the moment. Beside the fact that sometimes I didn’t liked her or she didn’t liked me, there was also other reasons why we didn’t ended up in a relationship.

One was so busy with herself that we could meet just once in 2 weeks… and she is living around the corner. Sorry, but if I have a relationship then I want to see my partner as often as we can. Of course is the life not just fun and everybody has to work and doing some stuff. But if I see my partner only once per week (if we live close) then I don’t need a relationship.

Another woman told me straight away that I can’t be her guy because I can’t buy her now a house and afford the lifestyle that she is sitting at home and take care about the home and the children. Well… at least she was very honest. I never told her how much money I have… but actually she was right. And even if I would have this 1 million euro on my bank account… she wouldn’t have been my mate. First of all I don’t want a house and children yet. And second is that I don’t like to have a relationship because of money. Relationship is because of feelings, love and friendship. If money plays a main role in the game then has it nothing to do with it anymore.

Just 2 examples of several. But the most ‘gross’ ones. Sometimes I really ask myself if there are still woman outside somewhere which really want – and can ‘afford’ – to have a serious relationship. Or do I have maybe an old or strange point of view to relationships?

Who knows. Maybe tell me! 😉