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You think you should be my soulmate? That is great! Lets find out.
Below you find a form with which you can reach me.
Please write me more as just ‘Hi, how are you?’ or ‘Are you still searching?’ (yes, I do, else this webpage wouldn’t exist anymore.)
I want to know who is writing to me 😉 All fields are required. Also the picture!

PS: I need to mention it again, as it seems that nobody is reading it… I am not looking for a pen pal, friends or anything else. I am looking here only for a woman for a serious relationship. That should be your intention when you write me.

Ok, but now, your turn… ready, steady, go! 🙂

What is your name?

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The subject... the first words I will read from you

And here you can be creative... tell me what you like to tell me.

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