I am looking for the right woman… not the perfect one!

Hi. One sentence which probably many singles get to hear from their friends is: “Stop looking for the perfect woman/man!“. Well, sorry, but I never said that I am looking for the perfect woman. It’s a big mistake/misunderstanding. I think … Continue reading

I am still alive, i am still single…

Hi, I wasn’t writing here for ages. I was very busy in the last time and actually I lost a bit the sense of this webpage. The page is now over 1 year online… I can count the emails I … Continue reading

Happy New Year 2012

Hi. I wish you all a Happy New Year!!! 🙂 And that your dreams become true… but think: nothing comes from nothing 😉 😀 And I hope that 2012 will be there year where I finally find my one and … Continue reading

X-Mas time – The “celebration of love” – Das Fest der Liebe

Hi, soon is Christmas time. In Germany they call it “Das Fest der Liebe” … like “the celebration of Love”. It is the time when the whole family meets and you visit – or at least think – on all … Continue reading

I need your help to spread my word

Hi, I need your help. I checked my visitor statistics for my webpage and saw that not many people visit my webpage. Just a few was looking on it here. 🙁 And who knows how many single woman was in … Continue reading

You are my love

You are my love … aren’t you? How do we know who is our love and who not? Love is a feeling. You can’t calculate love! You need to feel it. I realized that often. Everybody see every day people … Continue reading

My love and the religion question

Hi, I was mentioned it in the last post already… today I would like to say a few words about religion. I don’t know how you think about it, but it is a think which should be mentioned. Some people … Continue reading

Where is my love at Twitter

Today I was working again on the blog. It is hard to find the time at the moment. I work like a donkey. From morning till night 🙁 But today I found some times for the blog here. 🙂 One … Continue reading

You should be crazy! My crazy love! ;-)

I was thinking recently about some things which I am looking for when I am looking for my soulmate. And I realized one more thing… you have to be crazy! I mean there are several kinds of crazy. I mean … Continue reading