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Are you maybe my soul mate? Read this page and find it out. And think honest about yourself.

You know from yourself that there is no exact scheme when you are looking for a partner. For example you like guys with blond hair, but then you meet a guy with black hair and it makes *Boom* anyway… doesn’t matter that he is not blonde. You know what I mean. 😉

But there are also some “must have” and “no go”. That’s why I made several sections here.

No Go!
If you find here something where you fit, sorry, then you are not my soul mate.

  • You are looking for a guy who finances your life while you sit at home. I am not a money pig.
  • You like to have a “normal” life… husband, children, house, tree, … staying on one place. Sorry, not yet. Later… maybe.
  • You are sometimes aggressive (with or even without alcohol).

Must have!
We should be/think in this things similar. Or you should have it.

  • You should be at least same tall then me. Smaller would be more nice.
  • You should love traveling. Also long-term traveling.
  • You should love the nature.
  • You should love diving or if you never tried, then at least be fine with water.
  • You should be able to think for yourself.
  • You should be confident.
  • You should be a “happy mood girl”.
    Everybody has bad days. That is normal. But I don’t want a girl which is every day depressed.
  • You speak very good/perfect English.
    Talking is very important. And in some language we have to talk. I speak English and German.

Would be nice to have.
Would be nice if you would fit to these things.

  • Would be nice if you are working in the internet (programmer, designer, etc.).
  • Would be nice if you speak German as well.
  • I like Tattoos and Piercings. If you have the one or other (or both)… nice 😉

That’s it. I guess just normal things, but seems like it is not soo normal. Especially the thing with “husband, children, house, etc.” is for 95% of all woman the “wanna have” thing. For me no go.

Also you have mentioned maybe that I said almost nothing about the appearance. Because that is a matter of opinion and like I said above, there is no scheme. A very beautiful face is important for me… but you can’t describe things like that.
The only way to find this out… send me a picture from you please.

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