About us

And here a page about us. There are some thins which are important for me in a relationship. That has nothing to do with you or with me… it just should be there between us.

  • We should be able to talk. Talking easy, open and without any hesitation about everything. I mean really everything. I would say that I am a person which whom you can talk about everything.
  • Trust is a big thing. Without trust is a relationship not possible for me. Everything is connected to trust.
  • Romantic… not to much, but a bit. ­čÖé Watching sunsets together on the beach, Candles (I love candles), Flowers, etc.
  • Jealousy is normal if you love someone. But it should be in a very normal way. Maybe better a bit less, then a bit more. That’s also connected to trust. If I love you, then I will never touch anoght woman. If I don’t, then I will do it anyway. If you are jealous or not. (You the same.) And jealousy can destroy everything very quick.
  • Understanding and respect of each other. Respect me and I’ll respect you. If we are not in one opinion, happens. Then we talk about it (point 1) and search for a solution.

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