Would you / Are you writing love letters?


today I have a question. :) I would like to interact a bit with the people.. else I become the feeling I write for myself here and nobody is reading :)

So, my first question in my new “question” category is:

Do you write love letters for your love?

Or would you?

I mean real letters. Not email. With paper and pen! ;) The old school style ;)

I can answer the question with yes. I was two times in my live really in love with a woman. I mean really, not just this flirting and feeling a bit sympathy. And with this both I was writing also love letters. Ok, with the first one a lot. With the second one (10 years later), not so much. But the second one I wrote even a own poem. :) Some people would say now “That is sappy (is it the right word?)”… but for me is it romantic. It has some great old school style… and is nice. ;)

Ok, I don’t write books and not every day. But especially in the beginning is it nice… and after 10 years of relationship… can it be as well nice to receive a love letter ;) (Need to have this in mind :) )

So, how about you? Love letter yes or no? :)

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