Where is my love?

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my name is Gordon, I am 33 years old and I’ve decided to create a webpage which should help me to find my soul mate. That sounds probably a bit strange… looking in the internet for the soul mate / love / partner. But we are living in a world where people have so much choice and are so different… that I want to extend the radius of my search.
Looks like I am just to special to find the right woman on the street… :-/
On the other hand, some people searching in the newspaper for their love, some in the television, in single communities… so, I use this webpage for my search. 😉

Why is my search so special? And now read carefully please!
I am not going for a normal life. I don’t want a house, kids, regular job, etc. (yet). I am born in my city (obviously)… but I will not die there too. I will live my dream. And my dream is to get a camper, move into it and live from 2015 in a camper. Today here, tomorrow there.
I am programmer. I have the freedom to work wherever I am.
Do you have the same idea of life? Not to drift with the tide… to swim against it. Then continue reading, get in contact with me and lets find out if we fit also in other things 😉
If you like to drift with the tide… it will not worth it for you to continue. Sorry.

It is not a joke or fake. I am really looking here for my girl. And as soon as I found her I will take the page offline or give it to the next one!

I know that some people would say now “Then take some girl.”… No, I don’t want “some girl” … I want my girl… the right woman (don’t mistaken it with ‘the perfect woman’ – it’s a difference). I am looking for the right match with whom I want to spend the rest of my life (hopefully) and she as well her life with me. To share our life (in the real world of course!).

So, why a webpage? Easy… the internet is a new media and it is world wide. That is the point… I can reach a lot of woman… and hopefully my mate will also find her way to this page and realize that she is it 😉
No, I don’t want to have a internet relationship nor some pen pals or something. This webpage is for my soul mate, that she can find me… wherever she is. And once she found me, then we find a way to meet in real life. Nothing else!
Of course would it be nice if she is living somewhere close (e.g. in Europe… I am at the moment in Cyprus.).

I was thinking lately what exactly I am looking for. And I realized that you should be definitely ‘not normal’! 😀 I can’t specialize it more… there is no schema at all. … Ok, one thing I can say is… have your own thinking, your own thoughts, your own point of views and have self-confidence. Not always doing what the society wants. If you have your own way… then is it a great start.
And it doesn’t matter where you are from, which religion you have, which nationality you are and which hair/eye color you have! Age should be between 25 and 35 (approx.). And you should be smaller then 170cm. But read more on the following pages.

So… where is my love, my girl, my soul mate?

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